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  • The top 3 easy to make summer cocktails

    Summer cocktails made easy. These are the perfect edition to you're Kiwi summer.

    Tis the season for BBQs, backyard cricket, jandals, bikinis and timeless hours spent in front of the  sun. But instead of enjoying the usual refreshments of beer and wine, why not try something a little more exciting. I’ve complied 3 easy to make cocktails that will are as summer as the sound of a Mr Whippy truck and the smell of fish and chips.

    The top 3 cocktails for Summer

     A Tom Collins
    This drink is simply refreshment in a glass. If you’re a fan of a tangy taste, then this is the drink for you. It’s sweet yet sour mix that reminds me of a classic lemonade and the wonderful Grapefruit Fruju. Best enjoyed overlooking a sunset and best served cold in a tall glass.

    To make:

    1. In a shaker stir together 30mls of lemon juice and 2 flat Tablespoons of sugar.
    (It should be equally sweet and sour, add more lemon juice or sugar is necessary)

    1. Add 30mls of Gin (turn it into a Vodka Collins by using vodka or a Tom Collins by adding bourbon)

    2. Add ice and shake it together (if you don’t have a shaker, stir it well)

    3. Pour into a glass (a Collins glass is preferred, yes they named the glass after him)

    4. Top with a splash of Soda water and garnish with a lemon wedge.

    The natural cocktail of Brazil and once it’s best kept secret.  It originates from being prepared as medicine to ease the effects of the Spanish Flu, someone decide to change a few ingredients and quickly it begin to spread across the world. The Brazilians love this cocktail so much that in 2003 they passed a law to turn caipirinha into the official drink of Brazil and standardised the recipe under Law number 4.851 of 01.10.2003.

    It’s the perfect Apèritifs (before dinner cocktail), perfectly enjoyed in the evening on a picnic table in the company of barbecued.

    To make:

    1. Add 6/8’s of a lime (or 30ml of lime juice will do, limes are so expensive!) and 2 flat Tablespoons of sugar to a rocks glass.

    2. With a Muddler (or the end of a wooden rolling pin) squish it all up with the end of a wooden rolling pin/muddler

    3. Add some ice (some of it broken into little pieces)

    4. Pour in some Cachaça (if you don’t have this ingredient, you’re missing out!, but you can use Vodka instead)

    5. Stir

    6. Add crushed ice (over the top of the glass)

    7.Garnish with a lime wedge (or lemon, if you don’t have limes)

    A Pink Lady
    If you’ve ever tried a white lady, this is her sister and it brings a refreshing         raspberry taste to the classic white lady cocktail. Served in a martini glass, .      you’ll not only have a drink that looks top notch but will taste top notch. .     It’s the type of drink you can imagine yourself drinking on a luxury yacht .

    To make:

    Stir together 15ml of raspberry dessert topping and 30mls of lemon juice
    (Make sure it’s equally sweet and sour, if it’s too sour add some sugar or lemon juice if too sweet)

    2. Add 15mls of triple sec (this is an orange liqueur, only around $13 at a liquor store) and 15mls of

    Optional: Add egg white (You’ll need a cocktail shaker if you add egg white)

    3. Add lots of ice and shake it well (or stir very hard if you lack a cocktail shaker)

    4. Continuing to shake the cocktail (if you added egg) and strain it into a martini glass (if you don’t continue to shake the cocktail, no foam will be produced at the top of the glass by the egg.

    5. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


    Handy tips:

    ~It’s a good idea to chill the glass. To chill a glass put in a few ice cubes and add some soda water,  before tipping out when you’re ready to pour in the cocktail

    ~Buy a Boston shaker, they are the ones they use in bars. (They are really easy to use and clean).

    ~Buy fresh citrus fruit. To date there is not a lemon or lime juice that tastes as good as the fresh alternative


    Ta da

    There you have it.
    The best 3 cocktails for summer.


    We would love to know what your other staple cocktails for summer are!

    Please comment below 🙂

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