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  • 5 reasons why Coconut Oil is awesome

    Coconut oil is simply awesome and below are 5 reasons why this is true.

    Coconut oil is simply awesome and not the ‘awesome’ you would say to your parents when they buy you some socks. No it’s ‘awesome, i  won tickets to Ed Sheeran’, it’s that type of awesome. And these are just 5 of the reasons why.


    1. It Helps control weight.

    With Summer here, we all want that bikini bod and coconut oil is perfect to help with that.

    Firstly it boosts metabolism, researchers found that those who consumed 2 table spoons per day, burned more kilojoules than those who consumed less. Additionally, researchers have also found that Coconut oil is easy to digest and also protects the body from insulin resistant, therefore reducing your chances of type 2 diabetics.

    But wait there’s more (as Susan Paul would say), there has also been a link found between women’s consumption of coconut oil and a reduction in abdominal obesity. I know, I’m already sold on it as well.


    1. It supports immunity

    I could go into all the types of healthy fats coconut oil contains, but that would just mean a lot of jibber jabber. Simply put, coconut oil contains a type of fatty acid that your body turns into monolaurin which is claimed to help heal many nasty viruses such as influenza, herpes and candida (Yay I only used one big word, pretty proud of myself J )


    1. It’s a great moisturiser

    Coconut Oil is full of Vitamin E, the most moisturising thing you can feed your skin.

    But if your going to replace your lotion with coconut oil make sure it’s organic. You don’t want your skin soaking up those toxins, as well as the good stuff.


    1. It’s great for the teeth

    Coconut oil has been found to stop most strains of streptococcus bacteria from growing, including the strain that causes tooth decay. (Do we even need to say more?)


    1. Increases energy

    I could go into the nitty gritty and use big words like ‘medium-chain triglycerides’, but in the end of the day this is all you need to know.

    It has been found if you consume two tablespoons of coconut oil every morning, it will increase energy levels by an average 5% for a 24-hour period.


    5 reasons are just not enough to state all the incredible things about coconut oil. Basically put, it’s the must have product of our generation. It has so many uses and benefits and every one of these benefits have been backed by countless studies. If you make any change this week, make sure it’s purchasing coconut oil next time you’re at the supermarket.



    What do you use Coconut oil for?

    Comment below and I might just be tempted to send out a prize.


    Joanna G





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