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  • Handmade, skincare oils Made with Love in Auckland, New Zealand

    Amazing hand Blended, cold pressed, plant based oils to moisturize your skin.

    Jo Lehndorf, while pregnant, decided to learn how to hand blend facial oils for her own personal use. She’s now made it her mission to educate and share this passion by turning it into a business. LUCKY us…

    Using this knowledge, she trialed, tested and then produced the most indulgent skincare possible! We were sent 4 different types of oils which were boxed and then carefully wrapped in tissue. We were definitely excited and couldn’t wait to unwrap them.. We love surprises in the mail, as you can probably tell by now!

    Over the course of a week we religiously used the cleansing oil at the end of day – and seriously…. stubborn eyeliner, mascara and traces of concealer melted off with ease. No more tugging around all the delicate eye area with makeup wipes. The oil itself was easy to use- a couple of pumps onto the palm, a gentle massage onto the face and then carefully wiping off with a warm wet flannel. Next, after rinsing the flannel, placing it over face for a few seconds for a steaming effect. It was the most relaxing experience and it smelt amazing.

    Loveskin has a selection of oils formulated to suit your specific skin type.We went for Waiwai (meant for sensitive skin) and just like the cleansing oil, a couple of pumps onto the palm and a gentle massage onto the face was all it took. All in all, it took about a total of 4 mins and it is a ritual we all deserve DAILY… that way we know we have done our bit to love ourselves.

    These oils are hand blended by an expert that understands what it takes to cleanse, protect, hydrate and nourish- you can read more about her on www.loveskin.co.nz

    In the meantime, if you already use an oil tell us what it is in the comments below.

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