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  • DIY Manicure in 6 easy steps

    Learn how to add little spark into your everyday learning how to apply nail polish in 6 easy steps.

    A manicure may be just what you need to add a little spark to your everyday and to help you look clean and put together. But why go to a salon when you can give yourself a perfect manicure at home and save some dough, and spend it on other things like heels, clothes and clothes, OMG clothes!


     DIY Manicure in 6 easy  steps

    1.Remove your old nail polish

    Use nail polish remover and cotton balls to rub off the nail polish.

    TIP: Don’t use a nail polish remover with acetone in it, unless you use it less than once a month, they may damage the nails themselves, and nobody wants that.

    2. Soak fingers

    Soak your fingers in lukewarm water and liquid soap, then massage cuticle oil into your cuticles. Wait for it to soak in.
    3.  Cut and file your nails.

    Use nail clippers and trim your nails. Aim to be able to see at least a little of the white tip, all the way across.

    Using a nail file, file the nail and create a smooth clean shape.

    Gently drag the file across the nail, pivot your hand with the file through each stroke to make a smooth curve rather than creating angles.

    TIP: Do not round the corners down into the sides of the nail bed. Doing this may cause the nail to become ingrown (eeak).

    4.  Apply the base coat

    Wipe the nail surface again with nail polish to remove excess oils, then apply a clear base coat.

    5. Apply the nail polish.

    Apply in two thin coats. By applying thin coats it’s less likely to chip.

    6. Apply top coat

    Finish with a quick-drying top coat; reapply the top coat every other day to prolong the manicure.

    There you go, 6 easy steps to beautiful nails done at home.

    What does your nail colour say about you?

    Red: You’re someone who is daring, dramatic, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

    Orange: You are generous and make friends easily. You’ll be the first in line for any kind of outing.

    Yellow: You’re tend to be spontaneous, extroverted and unconventional, with a unique sense of style.
Pink: You are playful, fun and spontaneous.
    Green: You’re  have a strong sense of adventure and don’t shy away from risky choices.

    Blue:  You are youthful, fun and willing to try new things.

    For other colours check out this website:

    What’s your favourite nail polish colour?

    We might be able to find a prize for the best answer.

    Joanna G

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