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  • 5 Tips to keep your lipstick on your lips

    Is your lipstick always escaping onto mugs, glassware or napkins? Well here are 5 tips to keep it in place for longer.

    1.  Moisturise – No one likes chapped lips and especially not lipsticks. Make sure you buy some quality lip balm and apply it every night before bed for healthy, soft lips.

    2. Lip Liner – Get your favourite lip liner and begin drawing at the cupid’s bow of your upper lip and trace around the outer part of your lips and then fill in your lips. By doing this you’ll help lay a foundation for your lipstick and help keep it on.

    3. Powder – Applying face powder or settling powder will also help to keep your lipstick on. Hold a thin layer of tissue against your lips and apply the powder through it. (Yet another reason why tissues are a must have in any hand bag)

    P.S this tip is only for you girls who love a matte look.

    4. Drink with a straw– No one likes leaving lip prints on glassware and the simplest and easiest way around this is to drink with a straw.

    P.S drinking with a straw will reduce cavities and teeth stains as well.

    (Simply put, straws are awesome!)

    5. Eating – Take smaller pieces of food and be more mindful of your folk or spoon while eating and remember to bite down more with your teeth than your lips.


    And the best tip of them all…

    Stay prepared!

    Always carry a small compact, a lipstick and a tissue with you, to reapply anytime/anywhere.


    Joanna G


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