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  • 5 tips to get your resolutions back on track

    A new year, a new you. Or so they say, yet anytime is a great time to make a change and relaunch yourself and we have top 5 tips to be a better you.

    It”s the perfect time to reinvent yourself and change yourself for the better. Well actually anytime is a great time. But we know it’s hard to kick a habit, in fact according to the Huffington Post it takes 66 days for a habit to become automatic. So we’ve come up with our top tips for you to actually stick to your  resolutions, this year.


    1. Write down your resolutions.

    Write them down everywhere. Write on a piece of paper and stick it on the ceiling so it’s the first thing you look at everyday. Make it your screensaver, put it on the fridge. By writing them down you’ll create a greater connection between yourself and your thinking self and you’ll constantly be reminded of them.


    NYE 1


    1. Focus on one change at a time

    Break down your resolution into smaller tasks and focus on a single resolution at a time. This way you can give one resolution all of your attention.

    If you want to start flossing. Break it up into steps like finding the floss in the supermarket.

    Find routine trigger points during your day and implement them in your resolution. For example, choose a trigger point like eating a meal, therefore that trigger will remind you about your resolution.


    1. Use positive language rather than negative demands when thinking about doing your resolution

    Instead of thinking ‘I can’t be bothered going to the gym’, think ‘I always feel great after going to the gym’. This will be more likely to motivate you to do what behavior you are trying to change.


    1. Get some support


    Tell a friend or family, that way they’ll be able to support you and keep you focused on your goal.

    Consider joining an online support group, or Facebook page. Maybe even set a reminder on your phone or write nice messages to yourself that pop up on occasion.


    1. Believe in yourself


    Believe in yourself and constantly think positively. Remember why you are wanting to change and let that fuel the change. After all, the only person stopping you, is you.


    Start the change now. Follow these tips and just start, as i said before the only person stopping you is YOU!

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