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  • 10 steps to applying false eyelashes perfectly!

    No matter the look, false lashes will make your eyes pop and leave you feeling amazing.

    False lashes are definitely the golden key to give your makeup look the perfect finishing touch. No matter the look, false lashes will make your eyes pop and leave you feeling amazing.

    It’s no secret that false eyelashes are often put in the “too hard” basket, but with the right tools and technique you can nail false eyelash application every time!

    Tools you need to perfectly apply false eyelashes:

    – A small pair or nail or sewing scissors 

    – Lash applicator tweezers

    – DUO false eyelash glue


    Once you have completed your eye makeup it’s time to apply your lashes! If you naturally have lighter coloured lashes we recommend you apply a small amount of mascara to ensure they match the false lashes. 

    Step One:

    Using your lash applicator tweezers take hold of the lashes from one end, as close to the band as possible and slowly pull them off the packaging.

    Step 2

    Step Two: 

    Adjust your applicator tweezers so you are holding the lashes in the centre.


    Step Three:

    Hold the lashes up to your eye to measure them, placing the false eyelashes as close to the roots of your natural lashes as possible.


    Step Four:

    Trim the lashes to ensure they fit the size of your eye, cut them from the outer end. If you are using lashes that fluctuate in length, make sure you make you cut to allow a longer section of the lashes to be at the end of the outer lash. Also, cut off any excess band at the inner corner of the lashes. 


    Step Five:

    Applying the glue, there are two ways you can do this and both work just as well as the other. You can pick the option that you find easiest:



    Option One: Using the tube of glue, run it along the band of the lashes while lightly squeezing it – applying a small layer of glue across the width of the lashes band.

    Option Two: Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a flat surface (the top of a makeup compact always works well) – using the bottom of a small makeup brush or disposable mascara wand dip it into the glue and run it across the band of the lashes applying a layer of glue.

    Allow at least 30 seconds before applying the lashes, you need to wait for the glue to get tacky so they don’t move when you apply them to your eyes.

    Step Six:

    Holding the lashes with your applicator tweezers place the lashes along your natural lash line. Ensure you place them in the middle so you don’t have any extra lash hanging over at the inner or outer corner of your eye.


    Step Seven:

    Using your applicator tweezers, press the tweezer end together and use the tip to press the false lashes into place. 


    Step Eight:

    Complete the first seven steps to apply the lashes onto your other eye.


    Step Nine:

    Once the glue has dried, this generally will take a few minutes. Go in with your eyeliner to lightly touch up any areas needed. The glue will apply white and dry clear.


    Step Ten:

    This step is optional, but to create an even fuller eyelash look apply a small amount of mascara to your lashes and you’re done!!



    If you love wearing false eyelashes then EVE Lashes (link – www.evelashes.co.nz has the perfect service for you. You select your favourite false eyelashes styles & quantity and they will be automatically delivered to your door each month. The lashes are 40% cheaper when you subscribe to monthly delivery and your first month comes with a free DUO Glue and lash applicator tweezers, oh and all orders come with FREE shipping too!

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