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    Applying blush in 3 easy steps (suitable for any face shape)

    Blush is the one of the cleverest tricks in your makeup bag, perfect to give your cheek bones a quick hit of luscious colour and a natural glow.

    5 Tips to keep your lipstick on your lips

    Is your lipstick always escaping onto mugs, glassware or napkins? Well here are 5 tips to keep it in place for longer.

    How to prep your skin for summer!

    Through winter our skin gets neglected. Here are 5 easy steps that I love to take to get my skin ready for summer.

    Handbag Essentials

    Along with the basics like lip balm and lipsticks, what else is an essential that every girl should have in her handbag?


    How to clean your makeup brushes

    Cleaning makeup brushes is easy peasy, but something we don't do enough. Learn how to clean your brushes and prevent bacteria build up in 5 easy steps


    5 Questions with Tabitha Chapman, Brand Manager for Shiseido NZ

    Tabitha Chapman shares with us a little about working at Shiseido, the must have Shiseido products and much more, plus win a prize pack worth $107!


    A guys review of Mr Bean Coffee Scrub in under 300 words

    Mr bean promises to leave me feeling softer than ever. Lets put this to the test, after all, don't we all want incredibly smooth skin?


    The new kids on the beauty block – Kana

    Kana are the makers of the most luxurious diffusers and soy candles, If you want to win your own Kana candle read our interview with Sonia Payne below